Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decorating With What You Already Have

I'm sure at least one of you reading this would like to redecorate an area,space,or a whole room within our home but have no idea how to start.If you're thinking you have to spend a lot to do it,you don't.With just a little creativity,you can give your room a fabulous new look for almost nothing.How? By simply rearranging your furniture and accessories!
I have found a great blog called imagine cozy where the designer shows before and after pictures of rooms she has redesigned using things the homeowners already have.
In this picture,the living room looks o.k.,but wait till you see what just a little rearranging can do.

See what a difference it makes?Now it looks much more warm and inviting.

The same with this room.It's just o.k. until you rearrange furniture and just play around with accessories.Remember you don't have to go out and buy something new for your room,just grab things from other rooms that will look better in the space you're redecorating.


The next picture shows a wall with four pictures and a cabinet to the far right.It looks scattered but when you position them together as a unit or grouping,it makes a powerful focal point!


For more inspiration,visit Angela at imaginecozy she has lots of ideas to share and great tips to make your room look it's best.


  1. Nice rooms! It's amazing how much difference lamps make, isn't it?