Monday, October 26, 2009

No Regrets

Why is it, that when death comes to someone we love, some of us tend to have regrets of things we "didn't" take the time to do or say, with our loved one while they were alive?

We tend to start playing the "if" game.

"If" only "I" had come to see, visit, or shown this person that they really were worth my time instead of being busy doing ??????.

I, for one am guilty of that, sure I may think of them often, I'm always saying "oh,let me call so and so, ehh I'll call them after I finish this".
But do I ever make the time to call them, visit or even to reach out to them.

MAKE the time to "cherish, enjoy and value" whatever time you have on God's earth with those you Love, your husband, wife, mom, dad, son or daughter.

Tell them daily and show them that you love them and that you appreciate them.

God is awesome, God is good, very good - God is Love... take the time to let God know how much you love and appreciate Him as well.

"tomorrow is not promised"

I love you JESUS!!!!!!!