Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walk a mile with me....

Good Thursday morning!

How are my friends today? This morning as I was driving to work, I passed a sign at an oil change place that said, "See you in 3,000 miles." The thought immediately crossed my mind that 3,000 miles seemed like such as long time but in reality could only be a matter of months, if you drive as much as I do.

I then started wondering all the places a vehicle might travel in 3,000 miles before the next oil change--routines routes, unexpected emergencies, to the shop to be repaired, etc.

Just like we travel in our vehicle through a lot of situations, we travel with our friends through a lot of situations. Friends, most of you I've only known a little over a year. But during that year, think about the places we've traveled together. There have been times of change--decorating the foyer, putting classes and kids church in place on Wednesday night, changing the age of the classes. There have been times of great sorrow--Sis. Pat Watson, Kristen Martinez. There have been times of great joy--Rodney and Neda's wedding, Jonathan and Kassie's wedding, pastoral installation, the wonderful ways you as a church have honored my family. Times of fun--choir practice (c'mon, it's fun), Borlik's!!!!!, Thanksgiving Feast. Times of rejoicing--watching people pile off of the van each Sunday, sending many kids off to camp, watching our youth group grow, great Block parties. Times of spiritual refreshing--powerful Sunday evening services, a prayer meeting that lasted for hours after church was over, watching the attendance of DOZ grow, unbelievable revival with Bro. Chad Ducote. Times of ministry--watching and worshipping with children and adult sign teams, putting on the kids Christmas program, all of the various ensembles, driving up to a great looking church yard each Sunday, walking into a clean building, seeing remodeling take place upstairs because we are out of room. I'll see you in 3,000 more miles. Where shall we go?

Love you all, Sis. D.

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  1. Great blog, Sis. D. You are an awesome writer. I enjoy reading your blogs.