Monday, July 13, 2009

World Wide Network of Prayer

Wow! What a beautiful presence of God was in the service last evening. It was all I could do to direct the choir without having to just stop and cry. The healing power of God is awesome. As you know, on Mondays we talk about home and family. I know that we all want our homes to be a place of worship for our children. So many things that we remove from our home in order to live a holy life is so the presence of God can more strongly dwell in our homes. We remove distractions from our homes that would place focus on things of this world and replace those with peace, joy, and a place for God to dwell.

One of the jewels that we have in our organization is the World Wide Network of Prayer (WNOP). You can find the wnop at As you'll see below there are places for you to enter prayer requests, read prayer requests, and many, many resources for incorporating prayer into your life.

The site also links to Kids Prayer which is the site with a lot of information on how to pray with your kids with many ideas for Sunday School, Kids Church, etc. That site can be found at

Also, the Ladies Ministry site offers great articles and resources. It can be at

Also, the Ladies Ministry offers a ministry to girls of UPC called Today's Christian Girl. It offers all sorts of resources for our girls and can be found at

Below is a link to a beautiful worship song from Indiana Bible College - "Majesty":

Have a wonderful Monday and looking forward to the Kids Prayer Revival next week!
Sis. D

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