Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In The Kitchen Wednesday!!!!

Welcome to...

In The Kitchen Wednesday

this is where we will share ideas/tips/recipes/stories and our love for food......

I think Sister Duvall asked me first because I am the Oreo Truffle Queen....or because I already have a food blog....or maybe it is because I LOVE food.... either way, I am happy and honored to get to do this!

I get the whole month of May.....sooo here we go....

Today the Food For Thought is...... saving money.

We all like to go out to eat, and a lot of us eat out at least three to four times a week (especially after church with all of our church family). However, it isn't pocketbook friendly to spend $40 4 times a week....that is $160 a week on food that you don't finish, take it to go, then forget to eat the leftovers before they go bad....(well that is how it works at my house) Do you know what kind of damage I can do with $160 a week!!?!?!?!

Here are a few of my tips (tried and true) to saving money in the kitchen.

Coupons Coupons Coupons!

They DO work just have to know how to work them. I have done a written a blog on this before about how I saved double what I paid just on things I use everyday.
There are many many many ways to organize and use coupons. The way I do it is I go to and there it will let you know which exact coupon to use and how to best use the sales....the website will give you directions and such.. The basics are

clip the coupons
file them according to where they are located in the store
get the weekly circular of your grocery store
find the sales (note some stores double and triple coupons)
match the coupon to the item on sale and go have a good time saving cash!


Make sure you use your leftovers! Especially the meats because in a meal that is what is most expensive (most times) Here are a few things that are made for dinner, and how they can be turned into a leftover/new meal.

Meatloaf = Sloppy Joes / Spaghetti

Roasted Chicken = Chicken Salad Sandwiches / Chicken Tortilla Soup

Roast = Hash / Smothered Beef and Rice

That is just a few things I can think of off the top of my head...but I will share more if you need them.


Kids snacks are oh so important.. but something I learned early on is this...make sure you get your kids and yourself snacks you WILL eat. Not ones you HOPE to eat because you want to be healthy or eat better. I have wanted the kids in my home to eat more healthy. So I bought all sorts of fresh veggies and fruits. Come to find out they only like to snack on peaches and green apples and sometimes grapes. So all the celery, carrots and other things I would buy would go to waste (that is if I can't incorporate them into my dinners). It is important to get the kids to try new things so pick a theme each week, buy that item and go for it, don't try a billion new veggies this week and waste your money on it. In fact look at the sales ad at your local store, and start with the things on sale. This week strawberries, next week melons....prepare them different ways, (on top of yogurt, sliced, in a smoothie etc.)

A few random tips of the trade ..

  • Don't go aimlessly to the store with your coupons. This is the way to actually spend more. Going without a gameplan will cause you to use a coupon because you have it rather than bargain shopping for cheaper namebrand or storebrand item. Just because you have a coupon doesn't mean it is the best deal.
  • Read up on the double and triple coupon rules. Some stores require you to have a "card" specifically for their store in order to get double and triple coupons. Some store will only double and triple one coupon and the rest are at face educated.
  • Buy some things bulk. You can go to Costco or Sams Club and get a membership. (you can put two people on a membership at both places, so go in with a friend and that way you just have to pay half.) I buy most of my canned veggies, dinner meats, and paper products in bulk. I can still buy this stuff if it is on sale, but when I buy bulk I know I won't run out.
  • Also buying bulk, if the bulk is too bulky for just your little family, again take a friend, make a list of things you both need, buy it and split it, that way you won't waste what you don't use, and you save money too.
  • when out to eat.... get two side salads, one for you and one for your honey....then split a main dinner. You can do this also with your kids...two or three small kids can split an adult meal/appetizer and it comes out cheaper.
  • Bring an after church snack with you, and on your way to dinner or lunch after church, munch on it, that way when you get to the restaurant, you can order a small appetizer, split the meal, or even just snack on chips and salsa and save money as you socialize.
  • Don't forget there are coupons and deals at restaurants as well. Like Don Pablos has a Habeneros club you join and you earn free food, and dollars off on a meal.

    With all of this, you can save your family money and utilize your refrigerator to it's fullest capacity! Use the coupons, use the leftover, snack smartly, and remember random money saving tips will leave extra dollars in the bank...and because we are talking about the are a few products you can save the saved dollars for....
  • Kitchen Aide Mixer
  • Gidgets and Gadgets to help you bake
  • Aprons
  • New Dish Set
  • OH WAIT....that is MY wish list....nevermind, think of your own use for that saved cash!

    Have a great Wednesday, see ya next week!

    Layla :-)


    1. Love it, Love it! You have such wonderful tips! Can I go shopping with you next time you go because I am horrible at it? And by the way you crack me up WE all need to laugh more! Love Ya Layla!

    2. Great tips! I didn't know about Don Pablos.

    3. Great tips Layla! The one I'm working on is using my leftovers to make other meals.Thanks!

    4. Layla, you did not disappoint me! I knew you'd be awesome. I love my Don Pablos card and have used it several times. That's one of my favorite places to eat. I also love my coupons and even get friends who don't use their coupons to save their paper for me.

      **If any of you need a place to dump your extra or unused coupons off at, I'm available!

    5. Loved the blog, Layla. Awesome tips! You have to explain the grocer game to me more, ok?