Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kitchen Tricks

A few quick tricks of the trade.....

Problem: You made your mashed potatoes too early, they will get cold before the rest of the food is done....
Solution: Put the potatoes over a pot of boiling water (in the same pot you just made them in, or a metal bowl) and that will keep them warm until you need them. If they have to sit there for a long time, wrap the top with foil, and don't forget to check the water level of the bottom pot.

Problem: The recipe requires a double boiler.
Solution: Use the same technique as the mashed potatoes above. Put water in the bottom pot (fill about halfway up) and use another pot that will fit snugly at the rim of the water pot so as to not have the top pot laying in the water. You can also use a metal bowl in replace of the top pot.

Problem: Every time you make cupcakes they do not all looked uniformed, some are larger than others.
Solution: Use your icecream scoop to fill each cupcake. That way you have the exact amount in each cupcake and they will all come out looking pretty.

Problem: Your cookies are never the same size.
Solution: Use a mini-icecream scoop (it is about a tablespoon) or a melon baller to measure out the same size scoops for your cookie dough.

Problem: There is a bad smell coming from your garbage disposal.
Solution: Cut up citrus (any kind lemon, oranges, limes, grapefruit...) stuff them into your disposal along with chunks of ice, and turn on the disposal, turn on the water, and let it grind for a few minutes. tada, a fresh smelling sink.

Problem: Everytime you package cookies up to mail to a friend, they are always stale by the time they get to her.
Solution: Place a slice of bread inside the package, and the bread will be the item to become stale, not your cookies.

Problem: Everytime your kids take out the trash, they forget to put in a new liner.
Solution: Place a few extra liners at the bottom of your trash can that way as you come to your trashcan and need to throw something away, you won't have to go searching for new liners, they are right there waiting for you.

Problem: Your microwave is so messy with cooked on gunk you couldn't scrub it out to save your life...
Solution: cut up some lemon, put it in a bowl of water, put the bowl of water in your microwave, turn it on high, and cook for about 5-7 minutes. Then try scrubbing again, if it still isn't budging, add more water to the bowl, and turn on the microwave for another few minutes, keep trying until the dirt comes off...

Problem: You can't remember when you bought your eggs, and you are not sure if they are fresh or old?
Solution: Place the egg in salt water, if the egg sinks it is fresh if it floats it is old. Or look on the outside the egg, the smoother and shiner it is, the older it is.

Problem: You know that you will not have time tomorrow to make dinner, but you have a few extra minutes right now...
Solution: Casseroles can be premade and refrigerated up to 24 hours in advance..nothing different has to be done other than cooking it for another 15 minutes to compensate for the cold.

Problem: You dropped an egg on the floor
Solution: Cover it with salt, the salt will absorb all the liquid making for an easier clean up.

Hope you learned something new!