Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayer on Thursday! The Key!

You see prayer is a Key! Actually you are reading something from someone who believes it is everything and I know that it is not actually everything but that is how important it is to me. If I am not successful in teaching my children anything, the one thing I want to teach them is how to pray and not necessarily how but TO pray. Here is where the Key comes in. Prayer controls things, prayer changes things, prayer preserves things, prayer comforts, heals, removes. This whole concept blows my mind!

I am a natural worrier I worry a lot about things I can’t control. Like will my kids be safe at school, did I say the wrong thing, did I do the wrong thing, what if I take this way and it is the wrong way. Ok you see what I mean well I have learned that I have a key and I can use it. 1st I can give it to the Lord in prayer. 2nd I can be confident in what does happen the Lord will see me through. 3rd I can move God with a sincere heart. 4th God knows what’s best so I can confidently pray Lord not my will but yours. Those revelations in my life are so powerful.

Prayer is intense, prayer is hard at times, prayer is discipline, prayer is fun and yes I said fun (just come to kids prayer we will be doing m & m prayer soon) but also prayer is an escape. When I was a new convert I heard Pastor say from the pulpit that the enemy tries to imitate the things God has for us and I thought about this and since he said this just recently after being delivered from so many of those things that the enemy used to imitate what God had for me in my life I bared witness to that comment.

So let me give you a testimony of a time that I asked God to be my escape when I would have used the enemie’s ways of escape. One morning I was putting my kids on the bus for school and it was one of those mornings, and I had just put them on and felt frustrated and like a failure at being a mom(for the record this was my pre praying with my children before they would leave the house days, if this is not a practice in your home I recommend it) ok so back to what I was saying so I felt like a failure and if you are a worrier then this is especially hard because I worried about the day my children was going to have but you see I heard my pastor say that the enemy was a fake but God had the goods (Kim’s version) Well before my days of deliverance and walking in the Lord I was addicted to several things the enemy uses so that I could escape reality and being a worrier I used those things often but not this time I was a new creature and old things had passed away and those things did not enter in my life anymore and I had to see what God could do in this so I said “God you have the goods and I am going to try that.”

I went to my room and started to pray but it wasn’t very long until I was lost in his presence and I felt the worry lift and I didn’t even care about anything else, the fear of my humanly error was gone and I came out of that prayer meeting knowing God is tried and true he does have the goods but we have to go to him in prayer to get it. So if I can get any point across it would be to take your key, use it, and don’t let the enemy bring fake escapes into your life God has the goods!

It is amazing how God’s word is so alive in our lives when we have a prayer life after I wrote this I was reading Psalms 34 and verse 4 jumped off the page at me and it reads “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” And then after I read Psalms 34 I went back and reread the heading and it read A Psalm of David, when he changed his behavior before Abimeleck; who drove him away, and he departed. And so I thought on this and that is what I did I changed my behavior and sought God instead of my old paths before God saved me and he did hear me and deliver me once again. So please don’t keep yourself from what God can do but use the key he has given you and pray. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sis. Kim


  1. Incredible blog. Pray is awesome and I love what you have to say about prayer. My friend, after knowing you for several years, I can say that you are a powerful woman of God and I love you. You have coveted the things of God and He has answered.

    Sis. D.

  2. Great blog, Kim. You are an awesome prayer warrior.