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In The Spotlight - Julia Ann Vazquez

In The Spotlight – Julia Ann Vazquez

Julie, as I know her, was born on December 09, 1960 in LA (Little Abilene) to Raymond Valencia and Amy Cisneros. She has 4 sisters (Donna, Jovita, Melissa and Isabella), 2 brothers (Michael and Carlos) and one brother who passed away when he was 17 (Joe Richard).

Childhood and School Years

Julie describes herself when she was young as definitely a tomboy. She loved climbing trees, skateboards, tumbling, and skating. I can see her doing all of these things. She is a fun loving woman of God. She spent most of her summers in Abilene.

One thing a lot of us wouldn’t know about Julie is that she is of the Apache heritage. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that until she told me about a year or so ago. She is Apache on her dad’s side. Her grandfather, George Valencia, was full blooded Apache Indian. She couldn’t remember what his name was before he came to Texas but when he came here he changed his name to George Valencia. I say, with a heritage like that the devil better not mess with Julie!!! My impression of an Apache would be of a fierce fighter! They were pretty fierce in their day. So, if we apply that spiritually, I would say that Julie is a strong spiritual fighter! She doesn’t give up and I believe that!

In 1964, Julie moved to Dallas with her mom, Amy Cisneros. They moved here because Amy got a job working with Vought off of Jefferson here in Grand Prairie.

In October 1979, Julie met Joe. Julie was out with some of her friends. They stopped at a red light in Dallas off Jefferson and Hampton. Joe pulled up alongside them with some of his friends and from that night they were an item. They have four sons (Albert, Marko, Alex, and Isaac). They were married and moved to Grand Prairie. Lived in the Donna Lynn Apartments many years. Elsie and Ken Aubrey and their family lived in those apartments, too and they were always witnessing to Joe and Julie.

While they were living in Grand Prairie, Julie attended Christ Temple pastored by Bro. Dehart in Irving. She received the Holy Ghost in 1980 and was baptized by Bro. Dehart in the Irving church. She attended the Irving church until her mother, Amy, found Bro. Martinez’ church. A tragedy happened to the family when Joe Richard passed away and it was during that time that Amy decided to start attending GP church. Shortly before Julie started attending our church she had stopped going to church. She had become discouraged and down in her spirit and wasn’t able to come out of it until Amy told her about our church. Julie decided to visit and in 1996, she made it her home church.

When she started going to church again, Joe would not go because he was a full blown Catholic. That was okay because, like I said, Julie is a fighter and she doesn’t give up. She prayed and fasted for Joe for years. She told me the story of the compromise between her and Joe. She told him she would attend the Catholic Church one Sunday and then he could attend her church the next. She did this for a while until at a fundraising event the Priest said that they could drink beer. She found this to be a little disconcerting since it was a church event. At that point, she decided she wouldn’t compromise anymore. She stopped attending the Catholic Church and came full time to the GP church. She continued to pray for Joe and in 1999, he came to the Lord. Bro. Wayne Weathered was preaching when Joe received the Holy Ghost. God answered her prayers! Julie didn’t give up. What an awesome team they make, don’t you agree? I love their spirit and worship! And I hear the kids in the Sunday School department really love Julie! You’re doing an awesome job, Julie!

I asked Julie what her impression was of our church in the early days. She said the church was just what she was looking for. Becoming dissatisfied in Irving, she wanted to make a positive change for herself and her family. GP church fit the bill! She loved the ministry of Bro. Martinez and appreciated his loving, caring, kind spirit. Bro. Martinez helped her family through many hard times and they will always appreciate them.

She loved Bro. Martinez’ ministry and now looks forward to and is enjoying the ministry of Bro. Duvall. She stated that God couldn’t have sent a better man to us. Bro. Duvall was all she was looking for in a new pastor. The future is bright for GP church!

Sis. Julie, you are an awesome woman of God! I’m so glad I got to sit with you and learn more about your life! It’s a privilege to know you. I love you, girl!

I hope all of you who read this blog learn something new about Julie. See ya all next Friday!

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  1. What a beautiful blog about a beautiful person!

    Sis. D.

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  3. That was wonderful. One of my favorite things to do is read and hear about how people came to God and how they stay the course to reach others. Great Job Kimmie! From the person named after you.

    Love ya
    Sis. Kim

  4. Great blog post. I love Sis. Julie and her family. They have always held a special place in my heart. Many, many beautiful memories have been made in my life by this lady.

  5. She is such a special person.I am so thankful God gave me a friend like Julie;she and Joe have become like family.Great post Sis Kim!