Monday, May 11, 2009

How are You Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer?

Well,I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!Yesterday's service was wonderful and I was happy to see all the visitors we had including my aunt.After service she said she wanted to thank me for inviting her because she really enjoyed it especially the kids singing.Let's keep praying she and the other visitors will keep coming!
So is everyone ready for this summer?I am but I just hate when the kids get so bored with nothing to do.Here are some places that I thought would be fun for the whole family.

SCARBOROUGH FAIR.I have been to this festival once before with my mom and sister years ago and it was a lot of fun!It is a little pricey but discount tickets are available at Tom Thumb.Tickets at the gate are $21.99,$8.50 for ages 5-12,free for children 4 and under.For more info click here

DFW SUMMER BALLOON CLASSIC.This sounds like fun!The fest features 40 hot air balloons,displays of airplanes,helicopters,gliders and other aircraft.Food,arts and crafts.Admission is free but parking is $

DALLAS AQUARIUM.This is always a kids favorite.While you're there take a stroll through Downtown.

DALLAS FARMERS MARKET.My kids love going to Farmers Market.We give them each their own money to spend and it's a great way to get them to eat healthy!For more info and upcoming events,go here

Those are just a few places you can go to this summer and it fits into any budget.
There are also several museums,Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is our favorite along with the Omni Theatre.
If you got some young bookworms out there,or not,get them into reading this summer by earning a free book.Barnes & Noble has a summer reading program where kids can earn a free book for every 8 that they read.Check with your local library too,most of them have summer reading programs where kids can earn free prizes,t-shirts,or even a free kids meal.
Another good place to look into are your local rec. centers.They offer several different classes that you can sign the kids up for(prices vary).I'll be signing Sara up for a kids cooking class since that's what she enjoys doing.To find the closest rec center near you and for more info visit
If none of those ideas interest the kids then there's always six flags!and if you buy the season pass,I heard the best price for season passes ends on May 17th so hurry!

So remember you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun this summer,just enjoy the time you spend with your family and make the best of it!I can't afford to go to every place that I listed above even though I'd like to but I can afford to pack a picnic lunch,load up the bikes and go to a nice park and enjoy the day with my family.Don't forget to take your camera so when the kids are all grown up they'll remember all those special memories.


  1. Yes, don't forget the camera! Landon loves the aquarium. We also love to go to Fair Park in Dallas as there are lots of things and activities there.

  2. Yeah! I'm glad your aunt liked the kids choir. They were so excited about singing. What a great group!

  3. Thanks for the farmers market idea, I am always trying to figure out ways for my kids to eat healthier.