Friday, May 15, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Christian Historical Novels

I love to read Christian Historical Novels. My favorite authors are Brock and Bodie Thoene. The best novels that they have written are the Zion Chronicles and the Zion Covenant. This is a series of stories set in the pre and post WWII era. Filled with adventure, love and spiritual journeys of its primary characters, these stories are, to me, enlightening. Even though they are not true accounts of that tumultuous time in world history I have still learned a lot from them.

Usually, in these novels there is always a moment when one or more characters receive salvation. No, they do not receive salvation the way we teach (as in receiving the Holy Ghost) but Christ is included in every story. I’m looking for someone in the UPCI to take up this issue and write stories like these authors but also add the Total plan of salvation. So far I have not discovered any one that compares to these authors. You have to try their books. If any are interested in more about these authors, I have all the books in these two series. You can also find these books at any Christian Bookstore.


Okay, I love Mardel’s Christian Bookstore. I cannot just go there and stay 5 minutes. I have to look at their music collections and the book section. Hey, its book heaven and they are all Christian! Love it! I can stay in there hours.

I also like Barnes & Noble. Good bookstore. You can get any book you need there but it doesn’t compare to Mardel’s. Oh, and 1/2 Price Books is an awesome store, too!

Gospel Music

My favorite Gospel music is Black Gospel. Favorite artists: Hezekiah Walker, John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin. My favorite of all is Kurt Carr. The best song he has out is “For Every Mountain”. That one’s a classic. I don’t know the story behind this song but it is awesome. I also like Israel Houghton and Martha Munizzi which is more Praise and Worship but they usually have good collections.

I really like Mark Condon, too. Love the release, “Worship The King”. Every song on this CD is good and is great for your worship time. You can go to his website and order this CD or you can also get it through the Pentecostal Publishing House.

So, these are just a Few of my Favorite things. Hope you enjoyed this Foray into MY thoughts and Favorite things. Guess I put myself in the spotlight this week… Scary, huh?  See you all next week.



  1. I know what you mean about Mardels. It is one of my favorite places also. Thanks for sharing yourself with us not, the least bit scary:)

  2. What??? You put yourself in the spotlight, and didn't include a picture? Not good. I also love Mardels and could stay in the store for hours. Actually, I could stay in any bookstore for hours and have many times. Oh, and I love Mark Condon's song 'Worship The King' too. It's beautiful and takes you into the spirit of praise.

  3. Since we all like Mardels so much we need to get together one day,have lunch and go shopping at Mardels for books and music!

  4. Monica, that is a great idea. We could do that one day. Maybe on the day we all go walking?

  5. Which is never.......So we better make a plan to go on a day we don't go walking. He he he

  6. LOL!Sorry Sis.Kim,we need to start walking next week again.I really did enjoy it that day!