Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chile Relleno's

Good Day to all... this recipe I tried this past Saturday and let me tell you it was what I called a "labor of love"! It is or can be time consuming, especially if you're trying it for the 1st time.
Everything needed is at your plan accordingly :)

You'll need:

Poblano Peppers (I'd recommend small ones-not big ones)
Ground Beef or Turkey
Grated Cheese
Eggs (6 or more) (do this part after peppers are ready to be dipped)

Pepper preparation

1st-you take your peppers and toast on griddle or comal, you can press down on peppers as they get toasted..most of all try not to crack the peppers. try to toast as much as possible, I mean they can look black like their burn't. (Easier to peel)

2nd-Once peppers are toasted, wrap peppers in a towel put in a plastic bag so that peppers can steam.

3rd-once peppers have steamed take them one at a time and "peel" the skin off, the more toasted the easier to peel.

4th-cut pepper about half way starting from stem and clean out all seeds. Watch out for the vein in the pepper you pull it and it might tear the pepper. (This part was messy and had my Mom frustrated)

Once your done with the pepper and all it's preparation, take whatever your choice of stuffing is and stuff into pepper. Don't overstuff, you want it to close.

You then take some flour and gently rub it on the outside of the pepper, now you're ready for the egg batter!

Egg batter

First your going to only use egg "whites" and mix them with mixer to get "fluffy"
you want the batter to be stiff. (You'll know its good to go when you can turn your bowl over and it doesn't fall out!)
Once your done with your egg whites, "fold" the yellow into the whites.

Make sure your OIL is hot!!!!

(You can take a drop of batter and drop it in oil, IF it floats and stays on top, your oil is ready)

NOW your ready to fry the Peppers.

This is why I called it a "labor of love", alot of work! My husband loves Chili Relleno's and said they were good for our (my Mom and I)first time!

Enjoy and God bless!

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