Thursday, August 27, 2009

" In the Spotlight "

Joan Margaret (Martin) Cathey

Born on June 17, 1938 in McKinney, Texas to John and Alta Morris. She moved to Howe, Texas when she was 5 years old and that is where she went to school and grew up. She has 6 siblings 2 brothers and 4 sisters. She is the "baby" girl of the family but has a younger brother. She graduated High School after 13 years (she failed the first grade and began her working days). She worked at the cotton mill in Sherman, Texas where she met the man of her life.. Randy Martin. She just knew there was something different about him, he had the Holy Ghost and she wasn't raised in church. On her first date they went to a youth service and she was in amazement as the young people worshipped. She was not use to that.

She was married almost 23 years. The Lord blessed their home with 2 daughters.. Margaret Gail and Rebecca Kay. The Lord took her husband on to glory in 1982. Sis. Joan says that God has been good to her after his passing. He has supplied all of her needs and she knows he will not fail her now. During the later part of Randy's sickness the Lord gave them Rodney. He is a miracle which is another story. The Lord knew they couldn't handle 2 deaths so He took Randy and left her Rodney which is a blessing. In so many ways he is like his grandpa. Her youngest daughter Rebecca, has a daughter named Tiffany and a son named Joshua... they now live in Mississippi.

She moved to the Dallas area and just like the Lord she was put in contact with the Kegley family. In fact she moved right next door to them and the "kids" came over almost every evening. She received the Holy Ghost after they moved to Irving, she had been baptized already in Sherman. They raised their 2 girls in the UPC church in Irving. She later moved to Grand Prairie in 2001. She had looked at another church but just knew in her heart Grand Prairie was the place she would finally be.

" Childhood Memory "

Sis. Joan has lots of childhood memories... and would like to share one with us. It was winter time and the little creek, that ran by the farm was frozen over. They were skating and somehow she cut her leg... Her sister Venita set her on the bridge and put her headscarf around her leg and she had to sit there until they were done skating. They knew if she went to the house mama would make all of them come home. She had a loving home with parents who knew how to pray and as a family they did.

A little message from Sis. Joan:

" I love all of the people here and guess you are "stuck" with me until either I move back to Howe or the Lord takes me home. Thanks for letting me be a part of the church family and if I can ever do anything for anyone of you just let me know! "

God Bless all of you ladies..
Jessica M. Vazquez


  1. What a wonderful blog! Thank you, Sis. Jess. I have learned so much from these Friday spotlights.

    Sis. D.

  2. Great blog, Jessica. I learned a lot about Sis. Joan. She is a precious lady and Sis. Joan, we are not "stuck" with you. We are all glad you are here. I love you, lady...


  3. I love my Sis. Joan! She has always been a great friend to my husband and I! Sis. Jessica, I've enjoyed all your spotlights this month. Great job and I love you too!