Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm devoted to restoring my family.The one thing that means so much mo me in this life. I'm determined to see it come to pass. The things that has happened to me when i was young make me want to fight that much harder. Ive been through things that no one else knows about but god! As a child growing up Ive endured a lot of emotional suffering.Been hurt by people Ive trusted and loved.I believe that god has brought me back to fight and i know he wants to give it back to me. To turn every bad memory around. I cant wait to see my miracle to come to pass. I believe that there's something great instore for my family. Our past has effected us a lot and no one will ever understand for feel the way we do. I believe it will make me a stronger person though! Even though I have a lot of tears i know it will turn to joy!! Gods up to something! I guess i have to wait and see. I promise i wont give up! amen!amen! I'm glad that my past has given me a deeper drive and meaning to devoting myself to god! I'm glad that some have never been the places i have or felt the pain i have. I believe that i can break the cycle.By keeping it from happening to my family i have now. Everything happens for a reason even though it has been bad good has come from it too.I'm glad that god is watching over me and no one will ever hurt me in those ways again. I love how my little sister always says,"Don't you know were protected!"I believe it! thank you lord you are awesome!!

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