Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jesus wants us to devote ourselves for his purpose.He says be like a child and you will enter the kingdom of heaven. A child listens and wants to learn how to be pleasing to their parents.To take their advice and mature from it. He also says he is no willing to let any of his sheep go astray. He's happier every time one of us make our way back to him.I love that he takes such joy in our well being. He also says give up everything for me and you will have treasure in the kingdom of god.Well Ill say i want all that and i love god and want to please my father who loves me.God deserves a lot from me.So I want to bring his sheep back to him. I'm trying to reach out to my generation.I know how happy he'll be when my tasks of winning souls comes to pass.I want my time to come, but for now I want to grow and advance my skills. I know my family and friends will be there praising one day. I claim it. I'm glad every time I reach someone with my testimony. I know it plants a seed and I want to be there to see that seed start to grow.Amen Amen I know god brought me back because I can still fulfill his purpose and I want to reach my goal!!!

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