Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hope all is well with everyone. With the kids going back to school I know that life becomes a little hectic with getting them ready, feeding breakfast, going to work, helping with homework and all the other hosework duties. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all these things. There are times in our lives when we feel exhausted, frustrated, and wanting to just scream at the top of our heads. I know I do sometimes. Like the Bible says our help is in you Lord. I want to talk a little about our lost loved ones. After the message Bro. Duvall preaches Sunday morning about the prodigal son I was thinking about all those who have left the church to like he said "try to find something better out in the world". I text my brother after church and said "I wish you would just come back to church, I miss you". I really don't understand why someone would turn their back on God after all He has done for us and after feeling his mighty prescence. When another brother of mine had left the church, sometimes I was mean when I spoke to him thinking that would make him understand until my pastors' wife told me you are not going anywhere with being mean, so I stopped. I just tried to encourage him and it took some years of fasting and praying but eventually he came back. Most of the time a person leaves the church at a younger age and it usually because of friends that that person begins to associate with.. I want to say to all mothers we must be careful at all times who our kids associate with, especially teenagers.
Going back to my other brother, after the text he said "I don't think I will be back, because I don't agree with all the holiness standard" My heart sad for him, because he has lots of talents that could be used for the Lord. I began to think about his statement. The Bible says "Be ye Holy for I am Holy" how plain could that be for us. I know he was talking about wearing shorts because he likes to play sports. The way I look at it is that Holiness is just a small price to pay to make it to heaven. Whatever it takes to make it home, I'll do it. If it takes wearing skirts all the time, if it takes not cutting one's hair, if it takes not wearing jewelery or make up I'll do it. I will not let anything stop me from getting my crown and seeing Jesus. NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME FROM GETTING THERE. I would rather be safe than sorry and not make it to heaven for pettiness. Our main goal in life is to please God in every way. AT THE END, IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT.

So if you have a lost love one have mercy on them and just keep praying that the Lord somehow touch their heart before His coming.



  1. Thank you Sister Nydia for making it PLAIN AND SIMPLE...about the standard of "holiness". I'm praying for you and your brother. And for all those that have left. Much love...

  2. Beautiful post. I really love the part about our children. Thank you for the encouraging words, Sis. Nydia.


  3. You? Stopped being mean? haha,J/K! Great post!
    Reminds me of the song by Rita Springer "Worth It All".

  4. Thank you Nydia for this blog. I have 2 brothers who need to come in the church. Nate goes to church but he hasn't been baptized or received the Holy Ghost yet. And Tim, he doesn't go anywhere except every once in a while he'll go to Bro. foster's. I really want to see both of them in church. They have so much potential and I just want to see them both saved! Thanks for opening your heart about your brothers.