Friday, September 11, 2009

Hair Updos For Church

Last night I was on you tube trying to find something quick and simple to do with my hair. We all know most of us ladies have kids so we don't have much time on Sunday mornings to do our hair. I know I don't! :0) Well here are some videos on how to do the do. On the first two videos there is some music playing in the background just turn your volume down please.

This hair style is very elegant and beautiful!

I love this one I really need to try it. Maybe this Sunday, you never know!

Just a few bobby pins, hair spray and your on your way. Alright everybody just one more!

It is very possible to do something to your hair even if it is forever long! These are just a few styles that I thought were very nice for Sunday morning or even Wednesday night. I can't wait for my hair to be like hers. I love it! This is our GLORY ladies. Well everybody I hope ya'll have a good weekend talk atcha next week!

Love Sis. Jessi :0)


  1. Great videos Jess!Can't wait to try some on my hair!

  2. This is awesome!I may try some of these.Great post! Love ya much! Sis.D.

  3. Love these hairdos. I'm gonna try one, too....