Monday, September 14, 2009


How do you document family traditions, memories, activities?

There are many ways for you to keep a journal of your family's memoires.

Basic Photo album:
This give you the opertunity to place the pictures quickly and as you go about life. Problem is, that typically there is no room to write a caption, or special thought that might go with the reason you snapped the picture anyways. The good thing about this method is that it is basically no fuss, nothing special to buy, except the pictures. It is just a hard time to remember to take the picture of the memory stick.....geez.

A scrapbook used to be where you could place things in a book to keep such as an article clipped from the paper, an award won, etc.
Now-a-days, they have gotten more complexed. A fancy suped up photoalbum, where you are able to write stories, memories, details of an event, as well as keep the "scraps" also. This can tend to be overwhelming, if you are a late scrapper. Keeping up with pictures is hard to do when there are so many events in a year. There is also the need for acid free papers, cool scissors and all sorts of other doodles and daddles of things you can buy to make your book fancy. But the end result is typically a fun family book that you can be proud of, and want to look at often.

Online photostorage:
I have heard of a few people using programs online such as flcker, photobucket and picasa as their families picture storage. This lends itself to an easier way of sharing your pictures with family and friends online.

This is more like an online journal. But there are templates and gadgets that you can add to your blog that keep family and friends updated on your life. It is as real-time as you want it to be (depends on how often you update it) You can add just text, or pictures if you want.

Cardboard box of pictures:
This is what my mom know...sort of like the sock is where every picture ever taken is dumped...I don't like this way! ha ha.

I have done one of each at one point in life.....if at any time you want more information on any of these, get with me and we can chit chat about it...

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