Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Puerto Rican Tacos

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! I am about to tell you how to make Puerto Rican Tacos. I hope everyone will enjoy this recipe. = )

Your Ingredients:
~ Toothpicks
~ Seasonings ( Garlic, Salt and One Tomato Bouillon Cube)
~ Oil
~ Flour Tortillas
~ One can of peas
~ One potato
~ One pack of hamburger meat (est. @ 2.5 lbs.)
~ Lettuce
~ Cheese
~ Avocados
~ Chili
~ Sour Cream
~ Onions
~ Tomatoes
~ And whatever else you can think of to put in your tacos!

First you cook your meat in a deep pan. While your meat is cooking get your potato and dice it up in to little pieces. When the meat is done, rinse it with hot water. Put it back in the pan. Add you potatoes and your can of green peas in your meat. Add a small amount of oil so you can fry it just a bit. Season your meat with garlic, salt, and one tomato bouillon cube. Warm up you flour tortillas in the microwave for a minute so they will get soft. (Not to long because they will get hard.) Get your flour tortillas add your meat. Fold the tortillas in half. Then put your toothpick on the outer edge of your tortillas so your meat will not fall out. After that you are going to fry them until crunchy. (Not burnt.) Take out the toothpicks and add your toppings. Eat and Enjoy!
Love You All,
Sis. Isela


  1. Sounds good Isela! You should have done a demo at the ladies party last night!

  2. You need to make it for dinner and invite us over. I'll be waiting for the invite and the drinks are on me

  3. Yum. Count me in on that dinner invitation. This is making me hungry!!!

    Sis. D.