Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family of God

Hello, All,

Last week God impressed a blog to write upon my heart and I wrote it but today I feel impressed to go in a different direction.

I want to stop and say, "I love my church family." Ever have one of those days when you just feel so grateful for the love and support of our fellowship?

Recently, I have had several hard knocks and the breath knocked out of me. Know what I mean? Does life every come at you that hard? I had probably five of those knocks on Sunday and Monday. But....I absolutely felt no anxiety, instead, I just felt so at peace with my church family. I went to bed on Sunday night bruised and battered but woke up Monday morning with a heart of purpose and joy. The fellowship of the brethren will cause this to happen. We are each other's strength.

Sunday night was such a sweet, refreshing time of consecreation. Over and over I looked around the sanctuary and became so grateful for the lives I saw. So many hard times represented but yet so many hands praising God. I heard the message on SIN..and saw some of the young people who have only been there less than two months be the first to stand in support. I saw the elderly saint of God raising his hands and face to a God who has carried him many miles. I saw the young child who was alone overwhelmed by the sweet presence of a God that cares. I saw families binding together in consecration. I saw men praying for each other. I saw ladies reaching out a caring hand. I saw the church celebrate lives consecrated and serving in youth ministry for so many years and heard the plan for those lives to be used in even greater ways. I saw the laughter and heard the conversations of a church enjoying each other in fellowship. I saw the church come together and work as a team putting together a celebration. Last Wednesday night was much the same...the laughter and conversation was long gone from the auditorium but there was one lone teenager still in the altar drinking in His presence.

We have a great church family that has been through tumultuous times but is still standing. When I think of where we are going, I become so very excited. Are you ready, my friends?

I love each of you so much and wanted to take an opportunity to say that when life knocks me down, you are the first group of people I run to and what a delight to be part of the family. I can't wait for us to meet at the river and join hands and cross over into the promised land shouting, "We made it, we made it." Yours is the hand that I want to grasp.

With lots of love,
Sis. D.


  1. Beautiful! That's the thing I love most (and will mis the most!) about my church. We really are a family in every sense of the word.

  2. Awesome blog, Sis. D. I think the same thing about our church.