Thursday, May 21, 2009

I am good at...

dropping the ball..... so for all of you who tried to come read "in the kitchen Wednesday" yesterday, I am sorry (Sorry Sis D!). My mind has been a bit overwhelmed with getting money up for camp that the blog slipped my mind. No excuse by any means....but I am still sorry!

I have had the idea of this blog subject all week, it has been moving about in my head like a pinball machine, trying to come up with a funny, cleaver, and witty way to explain it, but when it comes down to it, I will have to get straight to the point...

It is hard to come by for a lot of people right now.
It is hard to buy healthy nutritious food for your family if you don't have money.
Where do you turn for help getting food on the table?

I can't find you a job, I can't come up with food to make your dinner.... but it has been impressed into me that I need to share with you, a way to get food.

Angel Food Ministries.

It is a church based operation started in the early 90's, a pastor and his wife felt the need of her neighbors and church family....they needed help putting dinner on the table. From their back porch they supplied food for 34 families, and now they are still supplying food, but on a larger scale. Angel food ministries supplies food for 34 states, and reaching over 500,000 families a month.

Each month AFM offers a menu, and with that menu is enough food to feed a family of 4 for at least a week. And the cost is $30. The average cost of each box of food, if purchased at a grocery store is estimated at $64. Here is what going to be offered for June.

1.5 lb. Ribeye Steaks (4 x 6 oz.)
2 lb. Homestyle Lasagna Dinner Entrée
2 lb. Beef and Bean Burritos (8 x 4 oz.)
2 lb. Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast Chunks
28 oz. Jumbo Beef Pattie Entrée with Gravy
1 lb. Lean Ground Beef
1 lb. All Meat Hotdog
10 oz. Individually Wrapped Sliced Cheese (16 slice)
20 oz. Shoestring Fries
1 lb. Broccoli Cuts
12 oz. Peanut Butter
1 lb. Rice
1 lb. Pinto Beans
1 lb. Margarine Tub(Zero Grams Trans Fat)
32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk
Dozen Eggs

This isn't food that is about to expire, or a bunch of cheap off brand reprocessed food. It is healthy fresh food that is distributed from top national ranking food distributors.

There are also specialty boxes you can purchase....

Senior boxes are $28 and come with prepackaged easy to prepare healthy foods, and this box will last one senior for almost one month.

Allergen Free Box
Seafood Box
Grill Meat Box
Fresh Fruit and Veggies Box

A few of the specialty boxes can only be ordered if a standard meal box is ordered.

But guess what.....there are no applications to fill out to do this. You will just have to find the local host to this and arrange for pick up of your food. There is no limit to how many boxes you buy, so if you are struggling, and know someone who is struggling also, purchase one for you, and bless someone else.

And for those of us who are using EBT/Food Stamps, they also accept food stamps as payment to the food boxes. What a blessing!

I haven't done this program justice in this blog.
You need to go explore their website


  1. Good info. Layla. I have heard of this before but really never took advantage of the savings and convience it has to offer but maybe I will look into it. Thanks again for info!

  2. Our church did this one year. We were not the distribution center but got the boxes rom another church in the area. I think it was rom Debbie Graves mom's church. I don't remember how long we did it but it helped out some amilies in the church. Carol may remember exactly what we did. I think we did this like a year or so beore Bro. Martinez got sick.