Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Morning Ladies! WOW!!! Wasn’t last night an AWESOME night!? I didn’t want to leave the church. What a mighty work God is doing we are truly in revival. God is doing a mighty work in our children and community children. One of our community children, Julissa, got the Holy Ghost last night and when she left she asked Bro. Rodney if she could do it again on Wednesday night. He told her she didn’t have to wait until Wednesday, that she could pray and fill God no matter when it was or where she was at. I am so glad that we have that liberty to fill our God whenever and/or wherever. We need to have prayer meetings like that in our homes just as well. We need to let our Family members and children see us pray like that and have a mighty brake through in homes. We should carry the presence of God with us were ever we go.

I know last week I talked about Family time and spending time with our children. Well I guess this kinda goes along with that subject. We need to train our children up how to be mighty prayer worriers. If they don’t never see or hear us in our prayer closest at home how will we teach them to have a prayer life. We need to fight war on our knees in mighty prayer on daily basis for our families, our church, our pastor and his family and our community. A steady, faithful prayer life will keep Revival going, our families closer together through Christ, and strengthen our church as a whole. So help me take the mighty prayer we had last night home and keep it going throughout the year and always. God is doing and going to continue to do mighty things for us but we have to do our part as well. May God bless my sisters in Christ this week and may the power of prayer continue on in our lives and homes.

God Bless!

Sis. Krisha


  1. Sunday night was incredible. Thank you for focusing on family prayer. It will save your children. Love you much!

    Sis. D.

  2. Sunday night was of the chain, we need to spend more nights like these together. Twas the greatest.