Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wow!Can't believe it's been a week already.Everyone is talking about Sunday night after Sis.Carol's going away party.Let me tell you,for those of you that didn't stay that left early,you missed it,it was great!and for you that were there you know what I'm talking about.Where can I start?Blessings after blessings poured out that night.
Oh what a night just seeing the young people praying being touched by God,speaking in tongues crying pouring out their hearts to the Lord.
The little children were also touched,our community children praying through crying too,can you imagine that? Can you not see how good the Lord is to us?
He is just pouring out His blessing on us,our church,our families and friends.My biggest blessing that I received that night was seeing my husband and sons praying for each other,seeing Alex and Jessica pray through was a big blessing to me,no one knows how much I have been praying for them to have their breakthrough and just because they prayed through dosen't mean I will put my guards down.We have to keep praying and like Bro.Decote said just because we're not battling or going through trials dosen't mean to stop praying,this is when we gotta keep praying,keep praising Him.
We are blessed generation.We are blessed church.Jesus has blessed so much and here are a few blessing s that I have been so thankful for:
1)His amazing love
2)The cupful of mercy He gives us every morning
4)Each other
5)Our new families
6)Our community kids
7)Praying teachers
8)The Duvalls(especially Pastor)
9)Our music
10)And of course,our loud speakers)

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  1. Sunday night was absolutely amazing. Love you so much, Sis. Julie.

    Sis. D.