Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello Ladies! I really just felt like I want to thank God for giving me all that He has and for allowing me to do this.
People,we serve an awesome God,a God that loves people,a God that came and died so that we may have life.
We are chosen generation.It really excites me because we are the ones that will see the second coming of God.
Matthew 24 talks about the coming of the Lord,and people we're not too far from his coming.
Are we ready??Are we where we should be with God?Are we praying for one another?Are we lifting each other up?Are we doing the will of God?Are we reaching out?
Let's wake up and get on the ball!Let's put everything under the blood and behind us and start working for God.Everybody deserves Jesus and heaven.
I am here for you all,call me if you need anything(469)235-0420
Let's share heaven everyone!
Love you,

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