Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm so sorry for not posting it on Wednesday. Hope everyone is doing good in the Lord. I was trying to think what recipe to give you all for this week. I decided to post the meat that I do for my tacos. It is so easy, you should only take 10 minutes to prepare.

Shredded Meat for Tacos

5-7 pounds chuck roast (approx. 30 tacos)
season salt

Remove fat from meat (if any). Usually I like to buy the meat when it is on sale at Kroger's or Tom Thumb. I bought it the last time at Albertson's and it had lots of fat. The Sale price is 1.99 lb. Usually you get two roast in the package. Cut the roasts in around 4 or 5 pieces each. Remove excess fat. Season them first with salt, then pepper, and last season salt. I do not know the exact measurements but I just shake enough to cover the meat. Once you've done one side of seasoning, turn it over and season the other side. Place in the crock pot. Bake on high setting. Usually I leave it overnight. It takes approx 6 hours. Once it is done you shred it with a fork. You may serve with flour or corn tortillas.

Try it sometime. It's delicious. If I have left overs I make tostadas and or make it with eggs the next morning.

PS. IF there is a particular mexican recipe you need please post it in your comments so that I can post it next week.

Lord Bless,
Sis. Nydia


  1. I love shredded beef tacos!It's so easy,everyone should try it!Thanks Nydia!

  2. This sounds great. do you make your great refried beans?

    Sis. D.