Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chicken Mole with Mexican Rice

1 pack of Chicken (Breast, legs, thighs or Whole-cut)

1 Jar of Mole (he always buys "Rogelio" Bueno)

1 Regular Jar of Peanut Butter

3-4 tbsp of Garlic Powder

3-4 tbsp of Onion Powder

Rice (your choice as to how much)

1 small can of Tomato Sauce


Boil chicken til chicken meat is tender or falling off of bones, leave boiled water and chicken in pot.

Water should be about 1/2 inch just above the chicken.

Use tablespoon to scoop out Mole and drop scoop in water, Mole should be dissolved by you completely. (Should you find an easier way for this part of having the Mole dissolve, please let me know! I can let him know!)

Use tablespoon to scoop out Peanut Butter. (Peanut Butter dissolves pretty easily, and amount of Peanut Butter is up to you. He usually uses like 3/4 of the Jar)

Rice (you can cook the rice @ the same time you start boiling the chicken)

Take pan add oil then take Rice add your seasoning of choice.
Stir Rice around we want Rice to be "browned" a little.
Pour in tomato sauce - stir
Add water to rice, stir and then let cook for 10-20 minutes (if needed add water)
Rice should be soft when you bite into it

Then serve rice on plate top with chicken Mole!

P.S. My husband Frank (he) shared this recipe with me. He's really the cook of the family and ask those in the family that have tasted it they'll say it's really delicious!

E N J O Y!!!
Sis Jovita


  1. Sounds good!I love me some chicken mole!
    To dissolve,I take a little of the boiled water and add the jar of mole in a blender.It leaves it smooth.Can't take credit for this tip,Isela taught me how to make mole!YUM!!!!!Thanks for sharing Sis.Jovita,can't wait to see what you post next week.And don't forget to add these recipes to the church cookbook!