Thursday, August 20, 2009

" In The Spotlight "

Cruz Casas

Born on May 3, 1948 in Thorndale, TX to Grorio and Lola Ortiz. Sis. Cruz comes from a small family... she has 1 brother and 3 sisters. Her brother is Raymond and her sisters are Teresa, Mary, and Stella. She also has 5 children.. 4 boys and only 1 girl.. Her sons are Jerry, David, Andrew and Victor. Her only daughter is Esther. She also has 7 wonderful grandchildren who she loves so very much!

Sis. Cruz grew up in Thorndale, TX lived there several years.. she worked out in the fields to help support her family... back then it was something that just had to be done to help the family... In 1968 she moved to Dallas, TX... where she has lived here since... she later met her husband. In 1992 she was happily married to Francisco Casas to whom she is now widowed.

" Favorite Memories "

In 1974 Sis. Cruz was invited from Sis. Lucy Gilbert to the First UPC Church in Grand Prairie. She attended this church and also made it her home church... she was involved in teaching Sunday School for the 2-3 year old children. It has been about seven years since she was teaching. She enjoyed every bit of her time spent with the little ones.

" Through the Years "

She is a faithful member of our church and is currently involved in the Outreach ministry, and enjoys the opportunity to witness to others about giving their lives to GOD. She is a witness to others at outreach and has been faithful to her ministry. She is also in charge of our Sunday morning breakfast crew. She cooks and cleans and makes sure that all of our children and our community kids have a good breakfast before sunday school. She is very motherly to all of the children. We appreciate everything she does in our church. She does great works for the Lord... we love you Sis. Cruz!!

Love you guys,
Jessica M. Vazquez

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  1. This is great! I love Sis. Cruz so much. It is a blessing to see her minister to others because she truly has the heart of a servant of God. Thanks, Jess! Sis. D.