Monday, August 17, 2009

Life at GPUPC

Hello, All!

Hope you all are having a great Monday. I thought I would post some pictures of different things that have been happening around the church this past month. We are a busy people. I found myself on Saturday night trying to remember what I needed to bring for a fundraiser or youth event on Sunday. I think it was the first time in about four months that we didn't have a pre or after-service event. :)

Block Party

Last Saturday was a great block party! Pastor said he thinks it's the best one we have had and I agree. It was wonderful! Thanks for all who came out to minister to the community.

Upstairs Remodeling

As many of you know, we are out of space upstairs. We started an extensive remodeling project that will give us more room for every class. Thanks to all who have been working so hard!


We have had many fundraisers to send out youth to Youth Congress, kids to Camp, and now for the family life center. Whew! Fun at the church....

As you are getting ready for your kids to go back to school, consider putting in a family devotional time each morning. Our national youth secretary was saying that growing up his family read a chapter of the Bible together each morning before leaving for school. He said by the time he graduated, he had heard the entire Word of God many times.

I am very much enjoying all of the blogs this month. Keep up the good work! "Heels in the Kitchen" has changed to September 1st. More to come....Secret Sisters also coming soon.

Love to all!
Sis. D.

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  1. I also think it was one of the best block parties ever.Great pics!I'm excited about the upcoming Heels in the Kitchen and Secret Sisters!