Friday, August 14, 2009

" In The Spotlight "

Hazel Inez Stubblefield

Born on June 7,1921 in Charleston, Texas to Paul and Maggie Slakey. She came from a very small family. She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.

" Childhood Memories "

On March 17, 1936 her boyfriend named Olen Stubblefield went to her school and said "Let's go get married" and that is what they did without even telling her parents. Her friend from school went and told Hazel's mother that she left school to go get married. When they went back to her house her mother said "you could have at least told us that you were going to get married." They had 2 boys and then when the boys were 14 and 17 they had a daughter.

" Through the Years "

When the boys were very small her husband went into the army and served in WWII. In the early 50's they decided to move to Dallas for better jobs, and in 1953 they moved to Grand Prairie and built them a house. While trying to build their house they were also building the first Pentecostal church in Grand Prairie, They had been having services in a tent.

She worked for Erlangers Sewing Factory, which mainly made mens suits, until her little girl decided to throw a fit and beat her back to the car while trying to drop her off at the babysitters house. So she just went back home and called her job and told them she wouldn't be back. She then started sewing from her home and had several people that she sewed for. She made all of her own clothes and also made all of her daughters clothes, even the coats for winter, until her daughter became a teenager and decided she wanted bought clothes. Then when her granddaughter came along she made alot of her clothes. She has made lots of baby quilts and has given them away for baby shower gifts. She has even had people to want to buy them to save for when they had grandchildren before she got rid of all them and couldn't make anymore. She also served as a church secretary for several years.

She was a very good cook and had the best tea to drink ever. On suday mornings she would get up really early and cook her Sunday Dinner before church. When church was over there would always be someone coming over for dinner. Her boys were always telling their friends they could eat with them and their was always plenty. On Christmas and Thanksgiving if someone at church did not have family to be with they were always invited to dinner. Bro. Craig Warren would come by and bring his own glass just to get a glass of tea. It has been said that when you come thru Sis. Stubblefields back door it would say eat because there was always something sitting their to eat on. Her complaint now is that her daughter can not and will not cook or sew like she did. She was a second generation Pentecostal and now has great grandchildren that are 5th generation Pentecostals. She has 8 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren and one on the way, She has always loved the last one just as much as she did the first one and has helped raise most of them. Wonderful lady, loving and caring to everyone.

Love you guys,
Jessica M. Vazquez


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  3. Awesome blog. Learned some new things about Sis. Stubbleield. She is an awesome lady!