Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Supply Update!

Here is an update I have received about the school supply donations.

Sis. D has purchased all the rulers, spiral notebooks, and glue.

Sis. Julie has purchased 5 boxes of crayons, 5 boxes of map pencils, 5 reams of Notebook paper, and 15 glue sticks.

So for all you late shoppers here is the list of what we still need:

25 boxes of crayons

25 reams of notebook paper

15 glue sticks

and since Sis. Julie was one of those rebellious ones who bought something that was not on the list we could use more map pencils.

Love You Guys!


  1. Okay ya'll I bought 8 boxes of crayons, 4 reams of notebookpaper and 4 sprials(not on the list :D). I will bring it all to church tonite!
    Love, Sis. Jessi

  2. You are awesome even if you bought something not from the list :D

    Love Ya

    Sis. Kim