Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Are Measured by Gods Pattern

God is a God of formulas and patterns. Everything accomplished in scripture was thru a pattern or a formula designed by God.
Example in the structure of the tabernacle and in today church is also design in a pattern for redemption and salvation today.

The book of Acts is the church of today. The book of Acts is where the church begins and where it stayed. Acts is where God laid out the plan of salvation. It is the complete story of redemption for humanity. The message is still as powerful as when it was written. When God measures me (notice I said God, not my friends) …. I say God Measure me according to the book of acts. The Acts message is not worn out. We are not a book of Mathew Church or a book of Mark Church we are the book of Acts church.
We can’t make it with good singing or good theological education or an organization or with charisma ….
Where are the sons of Levi with the power of unction flowing out of them?
We need to get to the place where we say I don’t care what people say or what you think. I want to be measured by the book of Acts. There is power in the Holy Ghost …We are standing in the greatest hour the apostolic church has ever seen. God is calling people to him. We are anointed by God! I pray God give me a hunger for apostolic anointing.
I thank God for our pastor and his wife they are the measures in my life. We all need a Godly measure influence in our lives. Someone who when you get confused or don’t know which way to go have the authority to direct us. We need to go to them and say measure me... check my prayer life keep me straight. Don’t be afraid of going to them. God has placed them in our lives to guide us. Our pastor is our Sheppard and he will help guide us threw. When you feel like giving up or throwing in the towel get in the word of God and get down on you knees and seek his face. Surround your self with Godly influence. Get involved in your church reach out to the lost souls. There are so many people that are hungry for the book of Acts experience. I have such a heavy burden to spread the good news to people in Grand Prairie.
I must tell people that there is a formula there is a pattern we must follow to get to heaven. We must follow the book of Acts.

Oh God hear us from heaven hear our cry touch our city we are your people crying out in desperation. God measure me….do I witness like I should? God do I Love Like I should? God do I give like I should? My prayer is Lord make me a vessel, Lord a vessel you can use. In Jesus Name.

Love you guys,


  1. Awesome blog, Sis. Jenna. Thank you for these words.

    Sis. D.

  2. Great blog, Jenna. You are so right! I'm so proud of you. You're blogging!! Amazing!