Friday, August 7, 2009

" In The Spotlight "

Amelia Cisneros *aka* Sis. Amy

Born on July 13, 1945 in Abilene, Texas to Catarino and Delfina Cisneros. Sis. Amy comes from a small family. She has 4 sisters and only 1 brother. She grew up in Abilene and then she moved to Dallas, Texas in 1966. She is a single mother to 5 girls and 3 boys, out of which 7 survived. Her daughters are Donna, Julie, Jovita, Melissa and Isabella. Her sons are Michael, Carlos, and Joe Richard. Her family is really close and she loves spending time with all of her Kids and grandkids and also great-grandkids... everyone calls her " Grandma Amy " we love her very much and I am happy to say I am married to her grandson Marco.

"Childhood Memories"

Amy's favorite childhood memory was attending Vacation Bible School and playing Baseball... when I asked her what were some of her favorite things that she could remember as a child, she bluntly said I loved fishing, did not like dogs and I loved to eat bologne!

Another memory is that she stopped attending school so that she could help the family by doing migrant work which was working the crops in the fields. She did mention that she worked in a couple of different cities like Lubbock and Temple, Texas she was a lot of help to her family.

" Through the Years "

Being a single mother and knowing how hard it was working the fields, Amy attended El Centro College in Dallas, Texas and DBU f*k*a Dallas Baptist College to further her education and was successful. She is now employed at Vought Aircraft as a Benefits Rep, and has been employed for about 15 years.

This woman loves the Lord and has a lot of Faith and Hope in God. She is a very loving and caring person and is willing to do anything for anyone. One thing I have learned from her and something she always tells people is to Always Trust in the Lord and He will see you through... We all go through challenging times in our lives emotionally, financially, psychologically and spiritually. But we can trust in God to see us through. God is as close as the call of His Name. No matter how low we’ve fallen or how depressed we are, God has the power to save our lives. Be willing to put your trust and faith in God and put aside your pride; be willing to humble yourself and cry out to God for help from the depths of your heart and soul. Love you Grandma Amy!

Love you guys,
Jessica M. Vazquez


  1. Beautiful Post Sis. Jessica!!!!!!

    Love ya bunches,

    Sis. Kim

  2. What a great post. I love finding out more about our family. Great job! Sis. D.

  3. Great job Jess!good story on my momma, can't wait for the next one.Love you much.

  4. Great blog, Jessica. A lot I didn't know about Sis. Amy.

    Love ya, girl,

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